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Forest Screening

Forest Screening at Sulosaari Island


The hugely popular forest screening will take place again in the beautiful Sulosaari, just a few minutes’ walk from the Savonlinna city centre.

The evening is kicked off by sound artist duo Juha Valkeapää and Juhani Liimatainen’s Bird Concerto, that combines the sounds of both everyday and mythical species in a lively performance, after which we’ll be screening three short films. During the event Sulosaari’s pancake cafe Lettukahvila serves beverages and their famous pancakes.

The Skull Hunters

28 min | 2019 | Finland

Dir: Riikka Kaihovaara | Language: Finnish | Subtitles: - | Classification: 12

A skull collector is a person who collects animal skulls and other body parts. Antlers, cat skulls, bird wings and horse bones are made into ornaments and appreciated for their aesthetic properties. The documentary follows two skull collectors engaging with their beloved hobby. The Skull Hunters sheds light on a rich tapestry of themes around our relationship with animal bodies and death, normally glossed over in our society.


Eläinsilta U-3033

12 min | 2018 | Finland

Dir: Milja Viita | Language: - | Subtitles: - | Classification: U

This experimental, collagelike documentary tells a peculiar story about an encounter of nature and man. The film visits an animal bridge to capture its reality and wild passengers. Beneath is the noisy highway. Two worlds meet through a soundscape, when the asphalt humms under the tires of a crossing car, and sticks and pine cones crack under the hooves of a deer.


A Tree is Like a Man

29 min | 2019 | Iceland, Columbia

Dir: Thorbjorg Jonsdottir | Language: English | Subtitles: - | Classification: 12

The Icelandic artist Thorbjorg Jonsdottir's encounters the Colombian shaman and ayahuasca expert Don William in his home in the Amazon jungle. The highly visual and intriguing film, shot on 16mm takes viewers in the deep and lush jungles through a psycho-ethnographic stream of images. 'A Tree Is Like a Man' is an attempt to open the gates to the other world, which ayahuasca promises us access to.


Time: 16.8. klo 20–22.30

Place: Sulosaari, Savonlinna

Tickets: 10 €

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