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Movie Picnic in Riihisaari on Saturday 17.8.2019 

Movie Picnic in Riihisaari 

The greatly anticipated movie picnic will be organized for the fourth time this summer at Riihisaari on Saturday. Pack your picnic basket, and come and enjoy live music and a film screening under the August sky.

We'll be screening a selection of international animated short films:

Muedra (Diaz Melendez, 2019)
The Bird and the Whale (Freeman, 2018)
An Island (Byrne, 2017)
Winter in the Rainforest (Tuttelberg, 2019)
Florigami (Ciric, 2017)
Thermostat 6 (Cominotti, Coudert, Av-ron, Dano, 2018)
Maestro (Illogic, 2018)

All films not suitable for under 7-year-olds. No dialogue.

Time: 18.8.2018 at 8 pm, film starts at 9 pm

Place: Riihisaari

Price: Free entrance


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