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2018 / United Kingdom
Length: 59 min
Language: English
Subtitles: -
Classification: U

Director: Beth Jones, Mike Birkhead
Writer: Beth Jones, Mike Birkhead
Cinematography: George Woodcock
Editing: Richard Wilkinson
Music: Barnaby Taylor
Sound Design: David Yapp
Production: Beth Jones, Mike Birkhead


Attenborough's Wonder of Eggs

This classical nature documentary is served to us by beloved British naturalist David Attenborough, who takes us on a journey in the fascinating world of bird eggs. With many other scientists, Attenborough introduces us to this amazing little cell, from creation to hatching. With this film we travel on land and sea and get to know numerous bird species and fiddle eggs with multiple colours and shapes. Why are some eggs pointier than others, and how do colours relate to the reproduction of a cuckoo?

This film is again one amazing demonstration of how small things can point out the brilliance and the impressiveness of nature. For many people bird eggs are familiar mainly from the breakfast table, but for instance old egg collections in museums of natural sciences are rather significant resources for investigating man’s effects on nature. Scientists reveal how the bird egg works as a mirror of the biological cycle and how the weakening of one species leads to a dangerous chain reaction.


SINFF 2016