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2018 / Russia

Duration: 80 min

Language: Yakut

Subtitles: English

Classification: 16

Director: Eduard Novikov

Scriptwriter: Semjon Jermolajev

Cinematography: Semjon Amanatov


Music: Andrei Kurjanov

Production: Lyubov Borisova, Yuliya Amanatova, Dmitrii Shadrin

The Lord Eagle

Set in Yakutia in 1930's an elderly couple Mikipper and Oppus spend their rural life hunting, fishing and taking care of their cows. It is the time when Soviet presence is starting to appear also here in distant Taiga. In the middle of the coldest winter an eagle arrives to the courtyard, and its presence arouse restlesness and suspicion among the couple. The bird won't show any sings of leaving, and when the couple is worried about their cattle but fearful of drive away or kill the sacred being, they start feeding the bird with fresh meat.


Survival meets the mystical fears when the harsh but beautiful Siberia winter afflicts its residents. Is the eagle an omen or perhaps a ghost from the past? However, in Christmas something happens that brings together our three heroes.


The Lorg Eagle (Toyon Kyyl) is an outstanding example of independent film making from Sakha Republick. Sympathetic, even funny film is a story about family, cooperation and being on good terms with nature. With indigenous cast and crew, entirely spoken in Yakut, The Lord Eagle won the top film prize at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2018.


SINFF 2016