Sat 17.8. 3pm

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Part of Eco-anxiety discussion. Free entry!


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2018 / Finland

Duration: 22 min

Language: Finnish

Subtitle: English

Classification: U


Director: Carmen Baltzar

Cinematography: Carmen Baltzar

Editing: Carmen Baltzar

Happiest Country in the World

Where to find help in despair and frustration, when your own choices puzzle you in the tainted word around you? City view from a climate therapist’s window seems serene: The most acute effects of climate change are not yet present in Finland. But the millennial, sitting at the climate therapist’s office, has his/her mind filled with global problems, tangled together with personal issues.


Climate anxiety is an inventive and current theme for a film. It is interesting to see how the topic will be processed within film and art in the future.

SINFF 2016