Talks: Eco-Anxiety

Climate or eco-anxiety has been increasingly talked about in the media in the past few years, but what exactly is it? What are its effects on the individual and society, and what can we do to avoid drowning in despair and channel the anxiety into productive work for the environment?

This panel discussion gathers together experts and activists to talk about climate anxiety through both research and personal experience. To kick off the discussion we’ll be screening Carmen Baltzar’s short film Happiest Country in the World (2018).


Participating in the panel are director Carmen Baltzar, Greenpeace Finland’s climate policy advisor Kaisa Kosonen, scholarly expert on environmental policy, postdoctoral researcher Minna Santaoja (Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku) and  climate activist Aino Falenius. The panel discussion is moderated by Outi Silfverberg (Forum for Environmental Information). 


Note: This talk is held in Finnish, film has English subtitles. Free entry.

Time: 17.8. at 3pm

Place: Kultturikellari, downstairs

Tickets: Free entry

Happiest Country in the World

22 min | 2018 | Suomi
Dir: Carmen Baltzar | Language: Finnish | Subtitles: English | Classification: S

Where to find help in despair and frustration, when your own choices puzzle you in the tainted world around you? The urban view from a climate therapist’s window seems serene: the most acute effects of climate change are not yet present in Finland. But the millennial, sitting at the climate therapist’s office, has their mind filled with global problems, tangled together with personal issues.

SINFF 2016