Fire in the Sky

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Director: Simo Sipola

Writer: Simo Sipola

Cinematography: Hannu Kettunen, Jouni Soikkeli, Henry Dhuy, Simo Sipola

Editing: Antti Isoaho

Music: Antti Isoaho

Sound Design: Anssi Tamminen

Production: Ari Lehikoinen, Laura Vehkaoja, Helke Lettau, Caroline Kelsch, Alexander von Harling

Year / Finland

Length: 52 min

Language: Finnish, English, German

Subtitles: -

Classification: S

For thousands of years, Northern lights have fascinated and puzzled people. People around the world come to Northern latitudes to explore them, and for some people they can be the passion of life. Throughout the history their early scientific explanations and folklore have had several things in common. However, the source of those exquisive and compelling colorful lights can be dangerous. Documentary film Fire in the Sky opens a new scientific data about Northern lights and their impacts on Earth.


A solar storm is a powerful burst of particles from the Sun. Northern lights are born, when these particles from the Sun hit into the near-Earth space. At its worst, solar storm can harm satellites, shut down power grids and ICT networks and stop air traffic causing a significant economic damage. It is thrilling to think about stagnation this massive and how it affects economy, when the corona pandemic has caused a global social decelerating.


Solar winds affect also the Earth's magnetic field. Science studies, how do solar storms affect on animals, like whales, that navigate using the magnetic field. How about us humans? We are concerned for our infrastructure, but as animals we also are part of biosphere. What else does the encountering involve but optic experience?

SINFF 2016