A Fox and A Gravedigger

Pe 21.8. klo 19 Kuvalinna

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Director: Juha Taskinen

Cinematography: Juha Taskinen

Editing: Raimo Raitahila

Music: Ari Pantsar

Production: Juha Taskinen

2020 / Finland

Length: 42 min

Language: Finnish


Classification: U

When a happy cinema crowd has spent its ordinary days without summer happenings, a documentarist, nature photographer and author Juha “Norppa” Taskinen has worked with his new project behind the scenes in Savonlinna. A Fox and A Gravedigger was supposed to have its premiere in March in Savonlinna Culture cellar but was cancelled due the corona risk. Now in Sinff we'll be able to see this project Taskinen has worked hard for our joy.

A Fox and A Gravedigger presents a life and thoughts of a Savonlinna based ITE artist and gravedigger Marko Ruuskanen. All the spare time Marko has, he spends with his heart art, and on Talvisalo graveyard he's got company of Kaapo the fox and other animal friends. Marko's life and work are based mainly in Savonlinna and areas close by, and his appreciation towards his home region awakens thoughts expecially now, when people have to think about their moving around. Contracted surroundings are being observed in new ways, looked for exitement and beauty.

In the era of computers it feels tempting to hit a shovel into the ground, really be in touch with it like Marko is. Because of his work Marko spends time underground, and the way he respectfully convoys the deceaced brings comfort to coming up grief and goodbyes. In some point we all go underground and become part of natures circulation, and every heart that stopped beating leaves its mark among the living.

SINFF 2016