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2018 / Finland

Length: 12 min

Language: -

Subtitles: -

Classification: S


Director: Milja Viita

Writer: Milja Viita

Cinematography: Milja Viita

Editing: Milja Viita

Music: Viljami Mehto

Sound Design: Viljami Mehto

Production: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo, Sari Volanen

Animal Bridge U-3033

This experimental, collage-like documentary tells a peculiar story about an encounter of nature and man. The film visits an animal bridge to capture its reality and wild passengers. Animal bridges are built for the safe crossing of wild animals in motor highways, and they are located primarily on the natural passageways of animals. The bridges are like meeting points of two traffic trails that have their own reality and where you never meet the crossing passenger: on the bridge the animal is hidden from the traffic.


As a construction the animal bridge is interesting. It is a place where nature lives its own life from a safe distance from man, meanwhile it is in itself an artifact of a modern, built world. Even though nature is right beside us, its habitants are rarely seen. Two worlds meet through a soundscape, when the asphalt hums under the tires of a crossing car, and sticks and pine cones crack under the hooves of a deer.

SINFF 2016