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#finnish premiere

2019 / Iceland, Columbia

Length: 29 min

Language: English

Subtitles: -

Classification: 12


Director: Thorbjorg Jonsdottir





Sound Design: 


A Tree is Like a Man

Before the psychoactive ayahuasca tea became popular among searching souls in the West, it was an integrated part of the shamanic rituals in those parts of the world where people originally cultivated it. The Icelandic artist Thorbjorg Jonsdottir's encounter with the Colombian shaman and ayahuasca expert Don William in his home in the Amazon jungle a few years ago was the start of a long collaboration between the two, which has resulted in a short and very beautiful film, shot on 16mm in Don William's home surroundings in the deep and lush jungles. 

An animistic and psycho-ethnographic image stream with Don William as a spiritual guide. Not a guide to the effects of the ayahuasca tea, but to the nature which produced it and which we must preserve and understand. Natural science is about being a part of the world that surrounds us. With its alchemical film images, 'A Tree Is Like a Man' is an attempt to open the gates to the other world, which ayahuasca promises us access to. A parallel reality that is as dense as the rainforest itself, and which is rooted in both the living and the spiritual world. 

SINFF 2016