Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival 21.-23.8.2015


Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival (SINFF) is a three-day-long festival and it is organised for the sixth time this year in Savonlinna. The festival shows films about nature and examines the human relationship with nature.


This year’s programme is interactive and aims to speak out. The movies shown at the festival scrutinise current topics such as global warming, arctic oil drilling, Finnish beast policies and the living conditions of the animals that end up on our plates. Several directors will be present at the screenings and they are open for discussion concerning their movies, and the underlying themes behind them.


The festival aims to create a shared space and a meeting spot for nature, film, and people. Importantly, the festival aims to enliven and diversify urban city culture and tourism in the Savonlinna region. Equally, the festival wants to increase the appreciation towards nature’s biodiversity, protection and nature film.


Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival is organised by Registered Association of Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival. The association aims to organise a diverse cultural event, which promotes the screening of nature films to the general public, and thereby contributes to the protection of the environment.




The submission for this year's festival is now closed. However, you may send your submission for the 2016 edition now here>>

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Films Inside The Historical Olavinlinna Castle!

Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival's all film releases are out and you can see the programme here >>


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Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival spreads out to Savonlinna city.


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Reino Nordin at Festival Cruise on m/s Puijo

Nature themed art workshop


On Sunday 23rd of August a nature-themed art workshop is organised as part of the festival’s side programme. The workshop is free of charge and it is open for everyone. The workshop aims to activate festival guests and locals, and promote a sense of communality through art. The art workshop is organised together with Jarkko Liutu, who is a local artist.


Workshop will be organise between 10 and 12 am on Sunday 23rd and it operates on non-stop principle and participants are encouraged to join the workshop whenever between 10 and 12 am. The workshop takes place at the film tent in the Savonlinna harbour.



Finnish musician Reino Nordin will perform at this year’s festival club on Friday 21st of August. The festival club will take place on M/S Puijo in the beautiful Saimaa scenery. Reino Nordin is a multifaceted artists who mixes reggae, rap, soul and electronic elements.


M/S Puijo will be opened at 19 and the cruise will begin at 21. The ship will return to the harbour around midnight.


Tickets are 20 euros. The ticket sale will begin at the SINFF info cabin on Friday 21st of August at 3pm. The event is 18+ and there will be a bar in M/S Puijo.







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